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Together We Can

The Autism Partnership is a new and exciting project run by The Autism Directory Charity that helps and support those with additional needs get their business ideas off the ground and grow.

There is a severe lack of support for adults who are on the autism spectrum when they leave the education system and enter the world of employment as a young adult. The NAS state ?that only 15% of adults with autism are in full-time employment, but most are willing and able to work with the right support.

There are also those not just willing and able to work, but desire to do what they love and are gifted at, however the chances of them finding an opportunity to do that kind of work are much further away than just finding a job.

For example, a young lad called Charlie has a natural gift with horses. He has trained himself to be a horse whisperer and gained his apprenticeship in natural horsemanship. He helps out in a local stables where the owner allows him to keep his horse and he does volunteer work in the stables in return. However with his training and skill he has been able to help many other horse owners with typical issues they have such as bringing them in from the field, or loading into trailers with his natural horsemanship gift. He also has a passion to help other people with learning disabilities, autism and other special needs to find their confidence and improve their self-esteem with horses as he did. However, he doesn't know the first thing about how to start with this, whether he could do this as a business, if it would work, and if it did what would he have to do.

The key barriers for Charlie are that he isn't a business owner or has the skills to be one, but he has a gift and a service that others would appreciate and pay for.

There are many other examples of adults with such gifts, skills and talents that are unable to put them to service for the same or similar reasons. Many have excellent IT skills, artistic gifts or performance related talents and who could provide a needed service or product as a business. However the concept of being an entrepreneur and / or business owner is well out of reach.

Screenshot 2016-01-24 13.01.30The Autism Partnership helps those with additional needs by providing a fully supported ‘back office’ for their business which would allow them to follow their natural talents and provide a service to others.

The support could include helping them with:

  • Thinking about what products and services they could use their natural talents for and whether this could be a viable business idea
  • Putting together an outline business plan and seeing if the start-up could be funded somehow
  • Providing the support and expertise to market their business and find customers
  • Creating the financial business model and all associated book-keeping, accounting, banking and other finance related activities
  • Liaising with government departments such as HMRC and Companies House and submitting all required documentation and returns
  • Managing any suppliers, third parties, customers, technology, social media and all things required to run the business.
  • Providing a 'base' for the business to run from
  • Supporting them personally with the issues they may run into and helping them to resolve problems.
  • In addition to all this we provide all those we support with personal coaching for their mental well-being, and advocacy to get their life ‘foundations’ properly supported, so they have the resilience and mental strength to focus on their business ideas.

    We are based in South East Wales, near Cardiff, and for the time being we can only consider supporting adults in this area. Over time we then hope to expand this support across Wales.

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